Specialising in Non-ferrous Scrap Metal

Complete scrap metal services in Geraldton

Geraldton Scrap Metal will pay you cash for all types of Non-ferrous scrap metal.

Geraldton Scrap Metal buy all types of non-ferrous scrap metal - they are the metals a magnet WON'T stick to. Brass, copper, aluminium, stainless steel and lead. This includes - insulated copper wire and cables. Brass fittings, valves, taps and ornaments. Electric motors and transformers. All types of aluminium including ali cans. Old lead/acid batteries. Car radiators and air-con condensors. Stainless steel sinks and much much more.

We can even supply skip bins for your scrap iron or steel. 

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We offer you a friendly and efficient driveway service.

Products are weighed and paid for, while you wait, so you can leave with cash in your pocket.

Pick-ups can be arranged for senior citizens or for product exceeding the reasonable limits of your cars carrying capacity.

Skip bins are delivered free of charge in Geraldton.


Geraldton Scrap Metal is 100% Geraldton owned and operated.

Having proudly serviced Geraldton businesses and community for six years, Ivan and Steve strive continually to keep their overheads low and your prices high.

At Geraldton Scrap Metal we embrace the concept of recycling. We enjoy the opportunity to recycle all types of scrap metal at the same time providing handy dollars to businesses, clubs and familys seeking to raise funds for their own ventures.